I wake up everyday, go to work, run my business and at the end of the day i make profit and smile for the great work that my hands have done. I took time before getting what i wanted in life. Woke up very early in the morning, without having my breakfast, knock from door to door to seek for employment. After a couple of years toiling on the ground, i was given the opportunity to work and through my effort i became successful.

But again, someone wakes up in the morning after being bribed by a politician somewhere comes and destroys all the properties by even putting the building on fire. At the end of the day, he/she is given ksh.500 for the “good”  job he has done. Are we safe?

Someone in office is sacked from his job because of arriving late in office. Another one is forced to close down his work place, shop just because of the fear of what might happen next.

After the whole process, who benefits?
The Country’s economy goes down just because someone was bribed ksh.500 to cause chaos.At the end, there is loss of blood, increased unemployment, fear and enemity amongst ourselves

Instead of being given the five hundred to destroy properties, why don’t you approach the working and let him or her advise you on how you can earn a living by starting your own job and avoiding idlenness.

Its time to wake up and let’s think of the future and not the present, let’s live as brothers and sisters amongst ourselves.

After all that happens, do you think that you will be compensated for the loss that we have all encountered?  The politician wont loose anything.. But you will.

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My name is John, a resident from the Eastern side of Nairobi commonly referred to as “Eastlando”  I have a family of one wife and three kids. I was affected by the Post election violence that led to loss, torture and killings of many patriotic citizens of our land. Though i escaped and saved my life and family, i kept on saying that i will do whatever it takes to bring change in the government of Kenya. I was very sure of this since the Leaders at that time had promised to change and make kenya one as a family and not a divided nation. At the end of the Post Election Violence, i succumbed to serious injuries which made me seek for medication for over six months. After i fully recovered, over three years later, again the government calls for change. I go for demonstrations everytime hoping that one day, the word change will truly exist in our country.

I walk everyday from my place to town for the purpose of generating income so that i can feed my family. Yet the person i am fighting for doesnt care at all. All they do is talk talk and talk statements that we have seen and heard from all over “We want Change”
You want change yet you are the first person as a leader to tell your people lets go for demonstration. At the end i am the one who will be hospitalised and spend a lot from the demonstration process. Your fellow leaders who are in power at the moment will send the Police Force to make peace by mercilessly beating us as if we are animals from the Amazon Forest.

I have decided to take another direction in my life.
1. All the brutality from the government forces will stop

2. Whenever you call for demonstration and riot, lead me by you being on the frontline.

3. Be the first one to face the pain of the teargas and al truly know you are the right leader.

4. Help me escape from the rioting/demonstration scene by hiding me in your V8 and by your bodyguards helping me get in

5. If it happens we are sorrounded in the scene and we are all injured, let me be treated in the same hospital as you are.

Let us not be fooled by what the “leaders”  say coz at the end of the day, we are the ones to suffer. Lets avoid rioting and demonstrating anyhowly because we are the ones to suffer.
Lets all preach peace ✌ Love 😍 and Unity.
I love Kenya my motherland. God Bless you all, God Bless Kenya

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My name is Spikes, born, raised and taught the good morals of the society. I was taught how to interact with other people of different background. I was taught to live in peace, love and Unity. Today i stand before everyone with a black heart. Our society is completely ruined 😭. We the younger generation have allowed Social Media as a platform of communicating and interacting with different people ruin us to the extent of lacking RESPECT among ourselves. We have allowed social media to take over and control us, we have allowed social media to speak for ourselves, and we have also allowed social media to THINK for ourselves. The digital Era enables us to make work easier. Talk of computers, mobile phones etc. We are able to speak and communicate to anyone across the world. The current generation is over joyed the moment “follow trains”  were discovered. It allows people to gain followers through the internet. It occurs especially on Instagram and Twitter. We have two types of audiences in the three social media platforms
1. Facebook (mostly used by people in the rural areas)

2. Instagram (Mostly used by the teenagers)
3. Twitter (Mostly used by the grown ups)

Having said all that, i will direct myself to Instagram. Many people have come up with the idea of helping others gain followers on Instagram, due to this we have the emergence of various hashtags that enable people play along that game. But it has come to my attention that people use the “fff”& “ifb” comments in EVERY POST. A good example is here

I post a pic of someone who needs help, or some condolences messages…
All we see in the comments is “fff”
Where did we “current generation”  go wrong. We no longer care the welfare of someone but all we can do is having the thirst to gain followers. What went wrong?
I was really touched by this after seeing guyz do that on posts that needed much attention and  respect… Someone passes away and all we write is “fff” Are we human enough?
It is my prayer that we all come to our senses and think like humans who were created by God.
Thanks for reading… Hope it changes your way.. If you were blinded into this. God Bless you

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Over the years African Music has proven to be the most listened to all over the world, our distinctive genres have enabled us to safe guard our respective musical culture. Many Africa countries have managed to hold on to their musical identity but we have some countries that lack that musical identity one being Kenya.
The Next Rated Superstar is aimed at having a Talent search in which 4 lucky talented Kenyans from different ethnic regions will have the opportunity of working with renowned African music Producers from Nigeria.
After their training and musical recording (Audio&Video)they will return to Kenya as a professional musical group.
And hopefully they will be able to introduce a different sound in the Kenyan musical industry.
This is made possible thanks to some Producers in Nigeria who are working towards giving young African artist equal opportunity and promoting African music far and wide.

Notable amongst the works done by the producers includes;
Alobam for PHYNO
Wanted for WANDE COAL
Original bad man for TIMAYA
Shoki for LIL KESH featuring DAVIDO&OLAMIDE
Powerful featuring CHIDINMA for ILLBLISS.
Also major works for PATORANKING
Just to list a few.
This #nextratedsuperstar season 1 edition is strictly for “Good singers” with passion for fame and success only.

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Ladies and gentlemen,welcome to spikes republic. This is a group that involves active communication between all members from diverse backgrounds. Started by spikes (instagram:@directorspikes), the group seeks to assist its members mainly targeting talented individuals eg dancers,singers just to mention a few.
We currently have representatives for all our 9 WhatsApp groups (as per the time of this post) who ensure that every member is represented and needs catered for. On the ground level, we mostly have group and intergroup meetups e.g photo and video shoots,public and private events and are actively involved in the distribution of music and other forms of media.
We do believe at this pace and space, spikes republic will be the next big thing in both the entertainment and marketing industry altogether

Once again,we really appreciate your wise move to be part of our team

Executive producer
Director spikes 😎



It has always been the wish of many people to have accounts with huge or big following. Someone wakes up in the morning and says i want my account to be like @directorspikes, @xtiandela, just to name a few. Le me tell you the secret behind this.

Social Media as a platform where we get to air our views through an interactive forum and active participation between us.

Straight to the gaining trick, ensure you follow whoever you want to follow that you think might help you get the followers you wish to have,then the next process is To Turn on their Notifications in a way that immediately they post a photo whether on Instagram or Twitter, you will be notified instantly. Rush to the account immediately  E.g  Director Spikes posts a photo on Instagram Now, take like two minutes tgen rush to the account and whoever has liked the uploaded photo, those are the guyz who are to be followed and they will follow you back. Let’s  take a quick example or rathee statistics that i have always been using to gain massive followers daily. I noticed that a pic from a random account that has got 100 likes in two minutes, then i follow all the 100 users… Out of 100,  80 will follow you back, 20 will not… I would have gained 80 followers then i will unfollow the 20 who have not followed back.

We also have those who think Shoutouts Will help you gain MANY followers.  Thats wrong thats y ull hear people talking ill like i was given a Shoutout by a certain account and nothing happened… I never gained. You never gained because you were not hard working. Like me as an example if am given a shoutout by someone, i will keep an eye to that account and whoever likes my photo i will follow him/her and in return they will follow me back.

Gaining process is a method where we use the proverb  Work hard in order to succeed. Its a process of patience, humility, perseverance and one having a positive attitude towards it. Just like some one who wants to be  the best.. Works hard in life. If you want many followers, Follow first. Dont comment “fff”  and wait to be followed, in life nothing comes easier… Everything is worked for.. Sacrifice at times is made like sleeping very late.

I hope i have now changed someone’s attitude towards the gaining process. Thanks for reading this and God bless you



“Today i am standing here to tell you that……….  As i was directed by God.

We have all seen or heard such statements from our pastors or even Most of the interviews we see on our screens after the success of a person. Unfortunately most of us use such i don’t know for personal gain or what, or is it to be classified in a special group from the rest. A Pastor is heard saying that God has told me to tell you that if you do this then this and this will happen unto you, because we are not strong into Christianity… We all flock to what the pastor says.. Only to realise at the end that he was a fake pastor whose main aim was to acquire wealth from us.

A gospel musician says that i am singing because God told me to do so, three months later we hear scandals from him/her…. When called upon an interview to justify/clarify to the audience or “fans”  this is what we are likely to hear.
“As usual we all have enemies and they are trying to bring me down but in Jesus name they wont”  Then we all smile and say AMEN, saying that this guy is a true servant of the Lord.

When called upon by God, we should always be ready to face the challenges that are ahead of us. Of cos God calls you because He knows that you are capable of going through all the challenges. So i wonder why someone says that i am not able to do this and al wait for the Second call by God or rather wait to perform another mission as directed by him.

We have those who are in for business matters…. So we as christians lets be on the look out… During the end times, it will be difficult to differentiate between a fake and a true prophet.
May God Bless us all and enable us know the differences

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